Performing arts theater in Beersheba

Activity duration:  2-4 hours

The performing arts theatre in Beersheba is the official cultural centre of Beersheba.

The hall was designed by the architects Sarah and Salo Hershman, and officially launched at 2008. Yair Nagid manages the place nowadays.

Two of the most important institutions in town that can be found in the theatre- Beersheba's theater and the Israeli sinfonietta of Beersheba.

The theatre has two halls, a large one and a small one, that can fit up to 1315 people.

The theatre was founded in order to enrich the culture in the city of Beersheba and the entire Negev. The place is an epicentre of culture and art in the city, offering music concerts, plays, Israeli and international shows.

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Phone: +972-8-6266400
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