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Beersheba theatre was founded at 1973 as a joint venture of Mr Garry Bilu and the actresses Margalit Stender, Naomie Blumental and Zechariah Liraz, with the support of the mayor at the time, Mr Eliyahu Nawie, and his deputy, Mr Bentz Carmel. All wanted to be pioneers in the cultural wave and set a goal of building a theatre at the capital of the Negev. They hoped for a different theatre, that will connect with the community and draw its' inspiration from the residents, creating with and for them.

The theatre produces up to five new plays each season and performs with them all around the country and abroad. The theatre has 50 active actors, all graduates of professional acting schools, and employes 70 more workers, all residents of Beersheba. The theatre employed many actors and young creators, that became well known in the industry over the years. The commitment of the theatre is reflected by its' collaboration with social institutions and organizations, such as schools in poverty neighborhoods, youth clubs, youth at risk assistance, open apartments for the mentally ill, handicapped organizations and more, who enjoy free and discounted tickets for plays.

The theatre has a one of a kind educational department, that is responsible for various subjects and 4 different projects that engage in special communities and self-empowerment through theatre. The theatre came a long way from its' beginning to today's achievements, and you can see the realization of the vision that the founders had. A small, municipal theatre that became one of the most successful theatres in Israel, taking part in society's culture, education, welfare and settlement.

Its' name precedes it, and the plays are invited to be hosted at the best cultural halls and theatres in Israel. Goodman graduates (the local acting school) are integrated at the plays aswell.

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