Be’er-Sheva River Park

1 Shloshet HaMitspim.
Activity duration:  2-4 hours
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The Negev's metropolitan park.  It covers an area of some5,300  dunam (~1,325 acres), and along its length are assorted attractions:  bike and walking paths along the banks of biblical Be'er-Sheva's river, a variety of green public areas, playgrounds, an amphitheater for12,000  spectators, unique historical and archaeological sites.

In the park are various tourist attractions:  the Turkish Bridge, the Bell Park, the Pipes Bridge, the Imber Promenade, and the Bet Eshel Compound.

Future projects being planned:  an artificial lake area and 'Sporteque' that will include advanced sports facilities and playing fields.

Recommended route:  Ride a bicycle or walk along the Imber Promenade till the Bell Park.

From the Turkish Bridge, one can ride through 11 green bowers in the River Park, until Tel Be'er-Sheva.

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