Kamea dance company

Activity duration:  2-4 hours

Kamea dance company is going on since the beginning of "Bat Dor Beersheba", which is a municipal art centre named after Larry and Lillian Goodman. Kamea is one of the leading dance companies in Israel.

They hold dozens shows a year all over Israel and abroad, with their powerful and virtuous performance and their dancers' personal expressions, which give the viewers a thrilling experience. Tamir Gintz, the artistic director, founder and choreoraph of the group, creates the works of the group that come together to be a breath-taking repertoire. He's works embroider a rich world on stage. He's dramatic language of movement challenges the dancers and opens your mind for interpretation.

Kamea is home for 14 dancers, Israeli and non-Israeli, that conduct the artistic process into a beautiful and sweeping performance. Kamea won great success with performance tours and appearances at well-known festivals. The group cultivates a young audience of dance lovers by creating suitable performances for teenagers. Beside Tamir's works, the group also hosts world-class choreographs as well as local ones. The dancers of the group uphold educational projects and majors on schools, as well as artist workshops, repertoire workshops and enrichment programs all over Israel.

Kamea was founded at 2002 as a joint venture by Daniela Shapira and Tamir Gintz as the house ensemble of Bat Dor Beersheba. Kamea is a loyal ambassador of Beersheba and represents it worldwide. The dancers live in the capital of the Negev and are an integral part of the cultural community on town.

The municipal centre of dance Bat Dor Beersheba is a professional school in Israel that trained the initial nucleus of the dancers of Kamea and works in coordination with the band. The school provides a home for the next generation of dancers.

The group is blooming thanks to the continuous support of the cultural administration in the ministry of culture and sports and thanks to the policy of cultural institutions development in the city hall of Beersheba.

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Phone: +972-8-6231521
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