Youth center

Activity duration:  2-4 hours

The youth center in Beersheba was founded by the city hall in collaboration with Keren Hayessod Shevaitz and administrated by Kivunim company, a company in charge of leisure culture in Beersheba. The idea of establishing a youth center was formed by the mayor, Mr Rubik Danilovich, when he was still a deputy mayor about ten years ago.

The youth center in the old town is a cultural epicentre dedicated for promoting high quality, authentic, southern art.

The activities of the center take place in it's various halls: hall of concerts, amphitheatre, central gallery, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, television studio and a large square outside that holds festivals and cultural events. The center is an open house all year around for artists.

The youth center plays the role of a cultural-social basis and anchor, meant for promoting the independent artistic community in Beersheba and surroundings, doing so with countless projects, unique events and original ventures all year round.

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Phone: +972-8-6205000
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