Anilevich Estate

Number of rooms:  7
Services:  Breakfast ,   Spa ,   Suite  

The boutique hotel "Anilevich Estate" from the "Liraz and Aviv" group, offers an authentic, modern and luxurious experience.

The hotel is located on Anilevich street, on a picturesque area in the center of the old town, whose streets' hide historical sites alongside the city's most popular restaurants and bars.
The hotel is located in a magnificent ancient Arabic building, built in the 1930. The building went through a process of conservation and restoration, it was expanded and adapted as a stylish boutique hotel. The eclectic design of the hotel combines the city's urban architecture with modern lines, natural materials and an authentic touch, all brought together in perfect harmony.

The hotel offers seven suites and rooms with the scene of a tropical patio, a large spa, a bathtub and a hot tub under the sky, special spa treatments and sunbathing corners. The hotel offers pampering treatments done by the professional staff.

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Phone: 08-6627559
Fax: 08-6627580
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