Identity Resonance with Chanoch Tayar

price באר שבע

A one-and-a-half-hour meeting, directed by Chanoch Tayar, a musician and bible teacher. The workshop combines shared study of questions about identity, alongside live performances of original Hebrew and rhythmical songs.

The workshop will focus on identity as a work in progress and discuss the roles we fulfill as identity creators and identity outcomes.

The subjects of the workshop are specific and are adjusted to the group's nature, for example, Jewish/Israeli/educational/artistic identity and more. The encounter moves from workshop to performance, depending on the group and the desired content.

It is possible to combine the workshop with creative writing guidance and creative processes, and it is possible to schedule a series of encounters.

The workshop can be guided either in English or Hebrew. Also, it is possible to order a larger crowd of musicians, depending on the will and budget of the group, from solo-guitar performances to duos up to an electric band of 11 musicians for bigger events.

A full show of 11 musicians will need amplification adjustments.

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